I’m gonna be going over this new brow product by benefit is zero tool used for microblading, the brow micro fi ING pen, this is what it looks like microblade tool.So basically you’re supposed to be able to make little hair strokes like this with it to have more of a feathered brow, so that’s what we’re going to get into today I already did my brows for the day and this is what that product did.These are how I like my brows and this is the pen that I used to do this, so if you want to see how I got these beautiful brows, then just keep on watching and obviously if you want to see how this baby works just keep watching, don’t forget to subscribe click that like button click the bell, check me notify y’all know I’m so basically I’m going to what I’m going to do, I’m going to just take off one brow and then do it again.So let’s get right to that, let’s just go with that so I’m going to do it on this brow right here, so I’m gonna try to turn.And do it like this, oh no I’m doing this brow.Okay, we’re gonna focus on this brow, and I know right around here. I’m missing my foundation, cuz I took off that brow that’s OK we’ll fix it, but anyway what I do, first is I comb through my brows just to.Stick them up, and if they need to be trimmed, I’ll just put my spool through it and just trim the edges, the edges I did that this morning, okay, let me make one thing pretty clear I have a sore on a canker sore have a canker sore on my tongue.Yeah it’s gross and I can’t talk with it, so if I sound like I.Can’t talk, that’s what’s from I’m trying to talk with it, so anyway.So I just brush them up, okay we’re ready to go so as you guys know I don’t really do my brows, a lot, the only thing I will do is put a brow wax to them and my favorite is the Patrick ta right here and I have the tinted version.That is what I use and I’ll just use that bead and put a brow gel, and that will be done.So now that I have this new pen. I decided to try it out to see how easy it would be and see how similar my brows could be so as you can see I have pretty full brows anyway as people say.But it’s still like sparks in some areas and I just like them to be better I guess so I’m gonna start so this is what it looks like.This is what it looks like it’s got the three prongs and the front one is the longest and then gets shorter and basically what you do is you take it and you drag it on your brows.But let me do it here, cause I can’t do it.Just like that see those brows jokes that’s what it’s supposed to be, so it can look like hair strokes, but if you push too hard on it, it will make them.A little more blurry so you do have to still have a light hand with drawing the strokes so there they are right there.Okay, so basically we’re just I’m just gonna try to make some hair like strokes in the front first, so I’m gonna start at the bottom and I’m just gonna flick up, how’s it looking, you see anything.See how that made like the brow hairs.In the front, can you see that this is also too late for me I want to get the darker one, but at the end you’ll see that it kind of just all blends together and you can’t tell but when I’m up close, you can tell that this is lighter.So I did the fun I’m gonna do a little bit more okay I did the front it looks like hair like it does not look like I have anything on except for right there you know I went over but I fix that later, so now what I’m gonna do is just take it through the rest of my brow and what I’m gonna do is I’m going to follow the natural ness of my brow, so it kind of just curves just like that’s a.Now you can see where where my brows are thinning out so.This is where it will really help za za za. Okay there we go.So I really like that feathered brow look, but I don’t want them to be to know straight, so I use my spool E I let it sit for about thirty seconds, it drives down faster than that, but I just like to let sit for about thirty seconds and then I go in with my school, ie.And just flick on..And I don’t know, can you tell that I use something on this side I think this one is a different color than this one.But I can’t tell that I have something in my brows, it just looks like hair okay so what I’m going to do next which I’ve been loving is taking my passage a wax and putting that through my brows through that this will give you the wax brow effect, so I’m going to do that real quick and then we’ll move to the next step.Okay there we go guys that is how my brow looks when I put the brow gel through it, so when I watched Patrick’s video what he does is he takes something to smooth it down swim, take this Julius place.A lip wire and just smooth it down just like that. And there we go, so it’s literally like flat, you can see right there is flat.So if I look like I need a little more hairs in there just barely what I like to do is take my glossy, a pen and just do little flicks just to fill in.See I just feel that in pretty good okay so that’s basically what I do, and then why do so it will stay down all day really I use the glossy a or any brow gel really my favorite is the glossy and the color pop by take this and this is tempted, this is in the shade.Brown brown slash burn okay and I’ll just go through them just to like.Like I said to keep him down all day.It makes sure the product just stays.And just to make them look a little more fluffy and not as stiff.And as you can see I have like I need to like cut it more straight cuz I you can see like hairs that are taller, so now I’m just gonna go over with the spool again doesn’t have any extra product on it, okay I like that right there, so now what I’m gonna do what I always do I take a makeup wipe.And I’m going to.Clean up my brow, but I like to push in my brow, just a little bit.And then down really just boom straightens it up, but I still have those hairs that.Look.What a fun, so this is my brow from earlier.And this is my brown now as you can see this one looks a lot fresher and more of a color but I’m gonna tell you, why, because I did my brows earlier and then I put powder on so that’s why this is so light it looks a little more natural actually, but that is how I did my brow with the benefit.Brow micro fi ING pen, now let’s zoom out so I can tell you the rest, OK guys, so this is going to be my opinion on this, let me just tell you a little bit about it, you know I’m supposed to do that before but so they say that this is supposed to last up to 24 hours and it’s waterproof smudge proof and easy to apply for a natural look.And this isn’t before and aft ers on the box.And of course comes in this cute benefit packaging I have the shade medium brown like I said it’s okay matching my hair, but I think if I went darker it wouldn’t be that bad if they came out with five shades I think I’ll pop a picture up of having shades they came out with A I don’t know about that I heard that they tried it on a bunch of different people and that those five or four colors fit the majority of people well, this is a little light on me.So using a darker shade that would probably work with my hair, that’s not that dark. Obviously I have my hair highlighted but somebody with like black hair like black hair.I don’t know what they would use I don’t think this would work for that, but I do.Love it I absolutely love this I totally totally recommend this for anybody who’s looking to just make your brows nice and feathered and you want those realistic hair strokes, now I have the glossy a pen right here you’ve probably heard this a lot, so this I’m sorry if you hear my fan, so this is just a point.This takes a lot of learning you have to be very lightly lightly handed like I’m still learning, so if you’re very lightly handed look, that’s the ones that I came out with as you can see that these are the ones that I came out with as you can see that one got a little fat you have to be so light handed and flick, but if you go hard at all, you can get uneven very uneven strokes, so what I like about the benefit more than the glossy a pen is because this is more stable so because it has the three proms, what I do as you saw I take it from the bottom and I literally just drag it up I don’t flick this isn’t a flicking product, the brow flick is for flicking this is to draw now.If you push like I said if you push too hard, it will get a little blurry but I think that is better than that, but look at the difference in the color see what I mean, this is look almost looks red compared to this brown.So colors are a little confusing, but if you like that fluffy brow, if you like Luke imitating little hairs.This is amazing and as you can see it lasted all day, so this is a brow that I did earlier and you can still tell it’s it did really good, it lasted all day didn’t smudge or anything so definitely check this out, just beware of the colors and it retails for.Hold on, let me find out, it retails for 25 dollars which is around the price for benefit, so this pen right here is the precisely my brow, this is a lot of people’s favorite brow pen, if you’re looking for one as very micro. Thin tip and you wanna you know make those little hair strokes, this does a great job of it too, see right there.So I think this product which I do use is sometimes just not as often I think if you use this product and this product you’ll have like legit like Instagram tick talk like.Browse like the perfect brows, I mean you can’t go wrong just have a light hand and maybe practice some strokes on your hand before you go to your brow.But yeah guys I think this is really easy and I think it’s going to be easy for everyone to work with, so I am excited to see what you guys think about this and how my brows came out and let me know if you’re going to pick this up, or if you are thinking about it or if you have any questions about it.